In the land of Mont Blanc

Vue de Saint Gervais

The refuge is located in the Massif du Mont-Blanc – French Alps, in the town of Saint-Gervais les Bains, in the Haute-Savoie department, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.
Coordinates (WGS84): DMS: 45 ° 49’56.388 “N / 6 ° 47’48,12” E – DD: 45.8323300N / 6.7967000E – Altitude: 2730m.

History of the refuge

It was the guides of our valleys who built this refuge with their hands in 1991. The Association “The Friends of the Plan Glacier Refuge” took care of it the following years. In 2008, it was transferred to the municipality of Saint-Gervais, a new owner who completely renovated it in 2006. Previously, two other shelters had been built at different locations, but were destroyed by avalanches.

The Guardians

Emilien, the first guardian of Plan Glacier, has marked the memories. A tireless storyteller, he welcomed visitors with his accordion. When they pass by the refuge, many of them evoke his memory, share his jokes and tell good stories from that time.
A dozen guardians have succeeded him, taking care of the hut, the hikers and the mountaineers, adding their style to this very special place.

For the 2022 season, you will share special moments with Hubert, up there, in the simplicity of Life, where you can practically breathe the smell of Heaven and touch the Stars on a beautiful summer night.

Nova, little Griffon Korthal will welcome each newcomer and will report that the refuge is not far away, to the sound of his voice.

The refuge in winter

The refuge is not kept in winter, but the dormitory is open. Nevertheless, it may be necessary to clear the shelter to enter … There is no gas, no dishes and no running water. Thank you for respecting the place and do not hesitate to send us news !